Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Short play about the Apostles being minor celebrities

No doubt the Apostles were minor celebrities and came to kind of believe their own press if you read Luke 9. Imagine being in their sandals for a moment: Walking around with Jesus for a couple of years. Being one of the chosen few Apostles that God chose but at the same time being totally human with all our frailties of pride, lust, and insecurity. Human. Yet walking around close friends with the Saviour! It had to have been awesome but at the same time it had to have been very tempting to think, "I am all that!"

You can picture the scene: Huge crowds pressing in to try and get just a glimpse of Jesus. Everyone has heard that if you can touch his hem you can be healed. It had to have been like the red carpet on Oscar night only the stars are Jesus who has the power to actually do something for you.

Written over 4 scenes, here are the characters in this short play:
  • Peter
  • A Fisherman
  • John
  • A Woman
  • Judas 
  • A Thief 
  • Jesus
Scene 1 -
Fisherman: Hey you're the one that caught all those fish the other day. Come here I've got a deal for you. I'll give you a 100 Denarii if you can make that happen for me tomorrow.
Peter: That'd be great if it was me that caused the catch. It wasn't me man it was Jesus. He is our Lord.
Fisherman: You can ask him to do it then. Split the $ with him and he'll do it!
Peter: Jesus doesn't want your $! He wants your heart.
Fisherman: My heart? My heart? OK. If I give him my heart will he get me that catch?
Peter: No but He will make you a Fisher of men. Jesus will save you.
Fisherman: Save me from what? I'm fine! OK last chance here do you want the $ or not?
Peter: I actually don't need $
Fisherman: I do! I've got to feed my family by catching fish and selling it. You know what forget about it! I'll see if James or John wants this deal. Hey James! 

Scene 2 -
Girl: Hey John! I saw that girl get healed the other day. I’ll give you anything you want if you can heal me too
John: Jesus actually healed that girl you saw and He can heal you too
Girl: I’ve seen you guys heal as well in his name so how about it? Look at what you are up for here (body display)
John: (to himself) Jesus says if I look at her in lust that I’ve committed adultery with her in my heart.
Girl:I’m offering you my WHOLE self if you even agree to try and heal me!
John: I can’t
Girl: Why not?
John: We are both coming from wrong motives here
Girl: I just want to be healed. What else should my motive be?
John: Seek first His Kingdom and all things will be added to you. Repent of your sin and ask Jesus for forgiveness first then He may heal you.
Girl: May heal me? You mean if I do everything you say and repent in my heart then fight my way through the crowd to ask Jesus for forgiveness He still may not heal me?
John: If it is His will you will be healed
Girl: If it’s not His will you mean I have done all that for nothing?
John: That is a choice only you can make
Girl: Hmmm. How do I start again? Repentance?

All the Apostles had to be seen as minor celebs. Just like today’s celebs have to have bodyguards because people stalk them and want things from them and I am sure the same happened to the Apostles.

Scene 3 -
Thief: Hey Judas I know you have all the $ now give it up or I know where you live!
Judas: I don’t have the $ on me. It’s in another place.
Thief: Take me there right now
Judas: I can’t right now. I’m working!
Thief: Take me there right now or I’ll take your head
Judas: OK.OK. Let me tell the boss I’m leaving so there is no commotion. Make sense?
Thief: I will give you two mins
Judas: Jesus, I need to go for my break
Jesus: Judas don’t worry about that thief he won’t bother you anymore
Judas: Sorry. Thief. OK thanks. That’s freaky. Where is he? He’s gone! (Looks over at Jesus who nods knowingly)

Picture the scene back at the campfire with only the Apostles. Jesus is off by himself praying.

Scene 4 -
Peter: Hey John, I saw that woman coming onto you Man that must’ve been tough
John: Did you see how fine she was? I’ve had hundreds of women throwing themselves at me lately. They all want something.
Peter: I know what you mean! Me too! And I’ve had offers of $ and everything else.
Judas: You guys don’t know the half of it I have had threats on my life if I didn’t open up the money bag to these thieves!
Peter: Does that make you the greatest among us Judas? I don’t think so
John: Which one is the greatest then? Which one of us? I think it’s me. I’m the one scoring all the ladies.
Peter: Who has healed the most in Jesus name? Me!

Guys here is where Jesus in His usual style and wisdom, knowing their thoughts, took a little child and had him stand beside him. 48 Then he said to them, “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.”


1.     What if that were you and you were one of the Apostles with all that temptation and responsibility? How would you make sure you kept in His will and obeying Jesus?

2.    Again, stretch your mind and put yourself in the position of an Apostle. What kinds of things do you think you would’ve seen and heard? Are there things you could do and things you couldn’t do for yourself or others? What your boundaries?

3.    He says we are part of His Kingdom and are sent out into the world with His message of healing and salvation. We actually are just like the Apostles! What are you going to do with that?

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